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What are the guidelines for Spotimist listings?

We want to list every activity, but there are a couple of guidelines we would like for you to follow:

  • We want the app to be a really useful resource for people so we require complete information about dates, timings, location and pricing.
  • We are not currently listing activities if there are any extra costs like membership, insurance or a charge to gain access to a venue (‘free with admission’). We are working to have this information visible on the app and so we will be able to list these activities soon.

What makes a good activity listing?

  • Attach few pictures. A great image can attract attention of people who are looking to try something new for the first time. The best images are colourful and give a snapshot of what people could expect from attending your activity.
  • Include as much information as you can. People are put off attending if they can’t tell how long an activity will run for or how much it will cost them.
  • Keep your listings up to date. If the date or time of your activity changes, it is important to sign in and update this to avoid disappointing attendees. Any edits you make will update on the app straight away.


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Add your activities to Spotimist in minutes