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[HowTo] Booking vs Drop-in

Bookings and Drop-in passes are used differently. We offer multiple options to manage your bookings in a unique system for great flexibility and best cost savings for online ticketing.

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HobbyHop, passes and new organizers

When people are working on the same mission, union is the best solution to achievement. When we discovered that HobbyHop were trying to solve the same problems as spotimist, the first reaction was: oh no, competition!

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New progress and a lot of new features coming up!

During the last few months, our time was focused on testing the platform robustness, stability and use. We had great feedback to work with and that helped us prioritise the most needed features. We are also now both dedicated full time to Spotimist which should speed things up and bring a lot of improvements! So, let's get right to it.

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Spotimist first steps

After years of thinking and months of development, Spotimist is now ready to take its first steps! This is a highly exciting moment for us to get the platform live and unlish its power. Well, here is what you need to know and expect before the lift off...

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