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[HowTo] Booking vs Drop-in

Bookings and Drop-in passes are used differently. We offer multiple options to manage your bookings in a unique system for great flexibility and best cost savings for online ticketing. (More details in next blog)
Here are the differences and best usage for them.


A purchased booking will be valid on the available date chosen by the customer and will expire at the end of this day whether it has been scanned or not. This is a classic approach to ticketing.

The business chosen refund policy does apply and will be displayed during purchase.

Best way to use the classic bookings are for: 1 off event, Class where you need to know when and how many customers is attending.

Here is an example of creating a booking ticket for one-time usage, valid for the date selected by the customer.


A drop-in ticket, when purchased, is valid for the number of passes associated to the ticket until all have been redeemed or the ticket expires.

The refund policy is 14 days after purchase unless at least 1 pass has been redeemed.

Best way to use the Drop-in Pass: Classes that run regularly, classes where people can come by any time, applying a discount for multiple usages like a loyalty card.

Drop-in tickets can be valid from the date it has been bought or the first time it has been used, expiration can be a few days, months or a year.

Creating a drop-in pass for one-time usage valid 365 days from purchase

Creating a drop-in pass for 10 classes valid 365 days from purchase

NB: drop-in passes have to be scanned from the mobile app to be redeemed.